I’m not on any other social media, besides arguably Reddit - which I’ve also tried blocking - but that might have to be a more gradual wean off because its still how I check for major world events.

I have a news website subscription though and really I should just lean harder into RSS to keep on top of stuff but also funny dog gifs tho

Still, reddit is toxic in a lot of places and has a penchant for telling you how to feel about stuff, which is creepy.

I blocked twitter at a dns level on all of my daily devices towards the end of last year. I’ve also been pretty stagnant on reading fediverse stuff because of an overall goal to disconnect from all the voices on the internet. It’s been nice. Perhaps a bit lonely, but nice.

I think the loneliness is more actually just boredom mixed with old habits of checking the internet for mild entertainment. Realizing I don’t have that option makes me feel somewhat shut out. Should just read books instead.

us pol, but like an easy one 

Mobile Firefox got really good while I wasn't looking

You check your work email after a holiday break. Roll initiative.

Stop wrapping your website in Electron and calling it an app challenge twenty twenty

I built a whole complex, robust dialogue tree system and yet it still feels way better to just dunk on the player instead.

We’re gonna call them “The 20’s” right? I mean thats my plan at least

2020: The year we moved away from electron apps


We impeached the POTUS, maybe we can impeach JK Rowling, too?

*Barrack Obama voice* uuuugh, let me be clear, we got owned


I had a chat with a former Apple employee recently, and when I brought up that it’s a shame that doing dev work on an iPad is rough, they told me that internally, iOS devs have a sentiment of “its not used for that so why bother” which is understandable, but frustrating and circular.

Both are $20+ USD which is... a lot for a term app, but there’s virtually no other viable dev-on-the-go options on this platform

Found Blink on ipad OS as an ssh/mosh client to use instead of Prompt. I wanted to like Prompt, but it just disconnects if you even look at it wrong. Blink maintains connection and is way, way more streamlined

Northgard consistently great with good updates and still shockingly small filesize and I'm just really all about it idk

Has anyone made the "Thot Leader" joke yet?

If not, claimed.

My sympathies to the UK. I still can’t comprehend the cruelty of people.

My wife works at a brewery and I work from home so Fridays sometimes I come by the brewery towards the end of the day and finish out my work at the taproom

It's a good setup 😊

Kinda politics sorta 

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