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Anyway given that I have a new digital home, probably time to also do another post

I'm a DC area game and web developer who also has a passion for woodworking, mindfulness, tabletop RPGs and storytelling.

Outside of my full time job, I am working on a game called Evenfall Arcane ( as well as a few other, much smaller game projects.

I'm terrible at art but I try anyway.

My dog Flynn is a goof and my partner works for a brewery which rules.

Just got my first win in Apex and I'm genuinely concerned the adrenaline is going to prevent me from going to bed tonight

I've been following this games development for YEARS and it's finally out! I'm so excited and you should be, too!

There are people out there playing Apex Legends right now and I'm not currently one of them and it hurts

The number of catalogs my house receives in the mail is astounding, and I tend to unsubscribe from them asap. I can't imagine someone who just lets them all pile up. You could build shelters out of these things.

I'm back after a terrible bout of food poisoning.

What'd I miss?

Toot, toot!

Tusky has opened an Open Collective, where you can support the development, translations and support work!

We offer a $12/ year tier, which is the symbolic "if everyone who uses the app can pay $1/month".

As well as, a backer tier, and a sponsor tier!

#OpenCollective #sponsor #donate

Or just any kind of temperature gatekeeping in general, which is among the top 5 unecessary gates to keep

Somewhere out there in the US midwest is someone still claiming that they "don't really get cold" when its cold out and thinking they're super edgy and cool

I would like to make this also post to my instance, but a couple days ago, I wrote a little Stardew Valley fortune teller twitter bot that tweets a fortune from the game every morning 😀

Gotta work on getting set up with the mastodon API but should be easy enough to make it post to both when I get the time.

People who fork repos and make no additional commits

y tho

Working on some writing for my upcoming 5e session this weekend. It's going to be a pretty low key session for the players to explore their base town, handle some business and make a few decisions, but I'm still looking forward to it.

D&D sessions can still be a really fun time without needing major climax boss fights

*consulting the ancient runes*
Hm. This must be a word that does not translate to our language. Bofa? What could this mean? What is bofa?
*the temple shakes and shudders rhythmically, almost like it is breathing, perhaps, dare I say...laughing?*

There's another charity marathon stream for a trans/gender diverse kids charity to spite another transphobic ballbag this weekend! (This time in Australia!)

They will be playing classic Tony Hawk games (fucking yess). It starts Friday 9pm AEST! (6am US Eastern, 11:00 UTC, 12:00 CET)


Where the stream will be:

If I want to tell someone about an alternative to Google Maps *in a browser*, where should I send them? is extremely slow these days, and they display tons of notes by default. And I've recently learned that it is not supposed to be a front end for end users, just a repo for the data and a place to edit it.

So what's the real alternative for people just needing a map, travel reccommendations, etc?


Why has gone invite-only two weeks ago? I grew tired of it being used as a hallway, where people enter, make a mess, then move on. It is my home, and I've put a lot into keeping it fast, secure and up-to-date.

Being invite-only means safer timelines, primarily, as trolls and people whose first instinct on a new social platform is to upload their uncensored dick have a harder time getting in.

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