I'd like to expand on my D&D spell quick lookup to be an all-things-5e lookup. I used just the spell portion of it while DMing, then playing this weekend, and it was a stark difference from any of the other tools I've tried.

I'd like to say "alright, I want to grapple," then be able to just type out "grap" and see the rules for grappling, while my wizard can type "mage h" and get the Mage Hand spell info.

Also, keep it minimal, lightweight, and PWA support.

For now,

The goal for any of my tabletop tools will be to get you your info and get out of your way. Anything else would be taking away from enjoying your time playing with your friends.

And it's not just electronics that are to blame. Spell cards exist because looking up spells in the book causes a TON of wasted time over the course of a session. I'm here to adventure, fight and bamboozle, not to scan through a book index.

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