I had to give Apple my phone number on my work laptop (MacBook) so I could enable a system for testing at work.

For some reason, they then silently set up iMessage on that machine. I have no other Apple products. My parents do.

When I opened my work laptop yesterday morning, I had unread messages from my dad, because his iPhones messaging app defaulted to iMessage when it saw I had an account with my phone number. I had no idea they were there.

That is so fucking disgusting and scary.


you aren’t worried abt your android device at all? if you use google play, you’ve consented to something much more scary and disgusting than accidentally enabling proprietary e2ee.

@xj9 I've been on android since '10 and not once has it silently eaten messages from a family member.

I've given Apple my info for less than a month and this happens.

I'll take my chances.

I've migrated off of almost all Google products, and I don't trust either, but Apple has now actively messed with my open communication. Google has not.

FWIW I've also interned at Google in the past, so I at least know some of the security measures they take internally.

@xj9 your framing also seems to potentially miss the point. My primary communication is Signal. I want my shit to be e2ee. I didn't "accidentally enable" anything, they enabled it for me, without permission. And I'm not mad that they are encrypting my messages, I'm mad that they were stashing them away in iMessage, when my dad should be able to reach me the same way he has for years when nothing has changed, or should have changed.

@xj9 all because their product managers thought it'd be clever to auto-enable iMessage so they can have higher usage stats, because most people don't even know the difference between iMessage, SMS and just "phone messaging", so might as well auto-enroll them.


except something did change, you added you number to an iCloud account which asks you to confirm that you've added the number to the account and explicitly shows that imessage has been enabled.

i'm not defending apple, i'm telling you to quit over reacting and stop using mega corp tech at all. apple and google are the same shit. trusting either of them is stupid.

@xj9 youre serious?

Its literally my work laptop. I had to do this to enable testing Apple Pay, which is my JOB.

You don't even know what OS I'm running on my phone, I didn't even mention Android, it could be Lineage? It could be something AOSP based?

"It's your fault for using big tech" is not a thing when it comes to professional environments, stop being obtuse.

@xj9 didnt mention in the OP*

And I should probably clarify, I've been on android-based OSes since '10*


more like, you should know how to toggle a switch if you computer for work. you certainly shouldn’t be frightened by something you clearly have a decent handle on.

seemed like a silly response to something so mundane. i talk to my friends and family over secure federated channels. i don’t have to worry about having my coms highjacked because i can actually control the system we are using.

it was some work but getting people off of insecure sms and onto something like matrix or conversations if your lucky enough to have an android fam is totally worth it if you value your privacy.

@xj9 there was no switch. It was enabled automatically when I activated Apple pay.

Abyway thanks for the tip, let me go explain to my mom why she needs to leave the apple ecosystem and get an android phone then get matrix messaging set up so she can safely contact me to ask me if I am free to come visit for dinner this weekend.


matrix works on ios too, it’s conversations that is android only. you should get your family onto something secure either way. if anything, this experience should tell you just how little protection is offered by sms. and *that* is what should terrify and disgust you.

@xj9 I really, really don't know where you got the security and SMS thing from. My complaint is that Apple took over where my messages were sent on their backend, routing them to the wrong location without notifying me of that change. I said I already use Signal.


> a coms channel was highjacked
> doesn’t see the problem

😂 ok we’re done now

@xj9 I'm literally saying that is a problem but you're so focused on proselytizing that you're missing every point.

We are done for sure, enjoy the rest of your day.


yeah i’m telling you that you’ve not assessed the problem accurately. in a word, you are wrong.

my solution to this problem is making sure it can’t happen again. i haven’t seen any solutions from you in this entire exchange.
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