@twisterghost Laughing at all the whiny-ass comments in the PR. This is like the 3rd time I heard the *akchuhally, doing this makes the software non-GPL*, lmao.


muh foss

@twisterghost I don't even get the take. If it's not GPL, then the only license it has is copyright under authors, and you're not allowed to do anything except look at it, not even fork it. Wow, huge own, guy.

Also, just fork the fucker if you hate it so much. Hell, just clone and git checkout to before the merge.

It takes 5 minutes and could be done on the shitter. But noooo, we have to have a thundershitstorm in the comments instead.

@trickster it doesnt matter, its all in bad faith in the first place. It was never about software licensing.

@twisterghost How about we donate to a fork which doesn't restrict usage of the application?

@masterofthetiger nah I'm good with donating to people who help stop the spread of hate 👍

@masterofthetiger no, no you're right

gab is a bastion of free speech. It's a place where people can be anything they want to be

It's a useful, excellent place that we _need_ in the online space

where nazis can freely out themselves, and gather into one place so its SUUUUPER easy to block them en masse

@twisterghost Then come up with a list of Nazis or something. Plus, why is it the app developer's place to do such a thing? Shouldn't the instance admins decide whether or not to federate with a certain instance?


What they did doesn't prevent federation, for one.

Second, the app developers can do w/e they wanna do - they're the app developers. Its OSS. They've chosen to prevent gab users from using their interface. That's on them, I don't speak for their reasons, but I'm betting they have moral reasons and don't think whatever "costs" might outweigh their morals. They're not beholden to anyone.

There's other apps, forks, options. You use what you want. I'll stick with Tusky.

@twisterghost It sounds like you want to donate as a thank you for merging the PR? Why would you thank someone for merging your work? That's like paying someone so you can clean their house :D

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