Maybe now that slack has IPOd for 16 billion dollars then went up 48% on day one they can get enough money to finally fix the fucking Android app

@twisterghost I don't speak for my employer in any official capacity but fwiw we really do love feedback and really do get it to the people who can do shit about it. if you're feeling generous, shoot us an email about what sucks? if you're not that's cool, I recognize it's work.

@twisterghost (and let's be clear I absolutely also have beefs with the android app haha)

@relsqui I feel ya, and I know how valuable real feedback is versus just venting.

If you could give me the best email, I could do that. Otherwise, my android woes are basically just:

- Conversations seem to randomly jump back like 100 lines in the view when I switch to them
- It won't let me start a DM with myself even though slackbot tells me to do that for note taking
- It hangs like 2 seconds before re-ordering convos by new-messages-first in the sidebar and always trips me up

@relsqui other than those specific things, I actually don't have many complaints. It's an excellent app otherwise. It's just that those things are nails to a chalkboard every single day

@twisterghost yeah, that last one bugs me on the regular too. first one's presumably a bug I don't know anything about, but the second one's surprising -- what do you mean by won't let you? what do you try and what happens?

@relsqui maybe it was recently fixed, its showing up now, but as recently as a few weeks ago, it just wouldnt show up as an option for me to dm myself. I showed my wife and she checked and repro'd on her phone as well

@twisterghost oh huh! might just have been an actual bug I never saw. sorry 'bout that, glad it's fixed now.

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