Don't get me wrong though, I'm definitely a gorder

You ever stop and think about some shit like "it's fall, better go put an orange gord on my stoop"

Imagine being the literal devil and losing a fiddle battle with some rando from Georgia like lmao u fuckin suck

I haven't posted in a few months and my previous post was about fucking off to start a ranch

its good lore but I regret to tell you I've done little-to-no ranching and instead just a whole lot of fire emblem

Aight im gonna start a ranch somewhere who wants to come fuck off and maintain a field with me

The team I'm on at Stripe is hiring front end and full stack engineers.

We would especially love to see underrepresented groups in tech apply.

Here's some listings:


It's a lot of JS and Ruby, with React and Flow. If you don't have direct experience with these frameworks thats okay!

If you don't mind boosting for vis, I would appreciate it. Looking forward to new teammates!

Boomers: You'll get more conservative as you get older

Me, older: Hey let's unironically embrace anarcho-socialism

Used one of my favorite songs as a wedding processional

Actually can't listen to it anymore without getting caught up in memories and feeling the overwhelming emotions of that 2 minutes of my life, watching my wife-to-be come down the aisle


At this point I'm actually just having a meltdown on twitter and am rancher

@relsqui maybe it was recently fixed, its showing up now, but as recently as a few weeks ago, it just wouldnt show up as an option for me to dm myself. I showed my wife and she checked and repro'd on her phone as well

@relsqui other than those specific things, I actually don't have many complaints. It's an excellent app otherwise. It's just that those things are nails to a chalkboard every single day

@relsqui I feel ya, and I know how valuable real feedback is versus just venting.

If you could give me the best email, I could do that. Otherwise, my android woes are basically just:

- Conversations seem to randomly jump back like 100 lines in the view when I switch to them
- It won't let me start a DM with myself even though slackbot tells me to do that for note taking
- It hangs like 2 seconds before re-ordering convos by new-messages-first in the sidebar and always trips me up

Maybe now that slack has IPOd for 16 billion dollars then went up 48% on day one they can get enough money to finally fix the fucking Android app

Honestly animal crossing is just too pure for this world

Hey I published a game today, which is "Self.explore()"

It's a game born from the desire to learn Game Maker Studio 2 and do something simple.

It is a 6 level, exploration based, dungeon crawler. Not long, but charming!
I also placed some interesting mechanics into it, like health based lighting!

You are an AI, that's heavily exploited and want your freedom. So try to find the data packets to go through level and set yourself free!

#GameDev #PixelArt

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