Since my mention earlier about Open Street Maps "not quite being there yet," I've made an account and begun contributing. Updated some location hours, corrected some location descriptions, and just added a local brewery location.

Feels good to help! I've never gotten involved in like, wikipedia or anything like that, but this is something I feel like I can actually offer help to.

Finally found Fruux to replace Google Calendar for me, getting me off one one more google service.

My progress so far:

* Chrome -> Firefox
* Google -> DuckDuckGo
* Gmail -> ProtonMail
* Google Music -> Plex
* Google Drive -> Sync
* Google Docs -> LibreOffice (with Sync for sync)
* Google Keep -> Standard Notes
* Google Calendar -> Fruux

Still on Android and still using Google Maps to find info like business hours. I wish OSM were there, but its just not.

@joewintergreen I did a project for a while to get more familiar with machine learning where I trained a small neural network to identify nazis on twitter. Ran that on a dedicated box for a while and got a database of twitter nazis that I turned into a blocklist. There's always more, unfortunately :(

Spinning up a Plex server has been the most fun I've had tinkering with things in a long, long time. I discovered it during my back pain issue (getting better!) so it was nice to have something to play with. Pulled out an old gaming rig with 2.5tb of SSD space on it and getting it seeded with music, tv, movies, etc. Excited to have my friends join in and pool some stuff together.

The calculus going on in a dog's head when they see/smell/hear something interesting, but they're laying down and determining if it's worth getting up...

This is an untapped power we've yet to know

@freakazoid @Laurelai I think there's a conception of anarchy that gets seeded into peoples mind at a pretty young age that makes them write it off. I'll just call it "Skate Punk Anarchy" based on my experience with it. When I was a teen, people would talk about wanting "Anarchy" in the sense of "no rules, do what I want!" like the embodiment of being a rebel. Obviously that's not what anarchists want, but I'd bet that's the perception most people got and never thought twice.

Started playing with Standard Notes today and got a paid account. Really impressive software.

Did something to my back and messed it up real good, haven't given myself the actual rest I needed until today. Glad I did, starting to feel an actual improvement. Hoping that continues and isn't just the drugs

Anyone out there have a good cross platform Google calendar alternative?

Messed up my back pretty bad, sitting is painful. Luckily, installed a standing desk a week or so back. My partner thinks I had a premonition.


Trying to narrow down my PAX panel schedule but every panel I want to go to is overlapping with another panel I want to go toooooo

Yesterday was my last day at the job I've been working for nearly 6 years. In a month, I'll be onboarding to join Stripe, working remotely from my home in the DC area.

In my month off, I'm going to try to get myself on a workout routine, focus on my hobbies and play with my doggo

Github's trending page is becoming more and more papers, lists and guides, rather than interesting tech.

Maybe its a valid use of a platform like Github, but maybe its showing there's a niche for a technical writing hub.

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