Everyone talks about printers as being problem children, but it's 2019 and if you plug in a monitor at the wrong time you best be reaching for your quarterstaff cuz here there be goblins

Having pronouns in your bio is important to normalise the practise, not just gor trans people but everybody. If only trans people do it, then it becomes a marker of who is trans, if you all do it then it's just a standard thing. I know it can be annoying to be asked over and over yo do it, but it is important

Really cranked up the bad faith and false equivalence arguments up to 11 over the past month eh?

Quick tip: set up an auto-correct on your phone to correct "youtube" to "youtube, an anti-queer platform,"

Someone is going to need to get me some kind of slow-release nutrition tablet because between Sword & Shield and potentially Animal Crossing later this year its just gonna be the end for ya boi

Pokémon direct, two wolves 

@emelie they hold the sword in their mouthhhhhhhh

its so cuuuuute

Alright nintendo, fuck me up with this pokemon direct

The title/alt text being particularly great:

"I can't remember where I heard this, but someone once said that defending a position by citing free speech is sort of the ultimate concession; you're saying that the most compelling thing you can say for your position is that it's not literally illegal to express."

@brainblasted have you found any alternative options? I saw you also seemed upset with System76, which I was also considering hardware from, but now I'm just kinda at a loss

also their automated phone service made me type my password in on my phones keypad as numbers which was bizarre and obnoxious because all my financial passwords are at least 50 characters

Something something dark patterns

Trying to move a bank account. Big ol' banner to click on to move it within their bank. Tiny little text to move it elsewhere. Clicked that. Next screen had my "options" which were another big ol' "move it within this bank" and _another_ tiny piece of text saying "call us to move it elsewhere"

I get it, but like dag, yo


Snippet: Researches mining posts on the "fediverse" have discovered a significant number of users regularly discuss the merits of floss

@xj9 I'm literally saying that is a problem but you're so focused on proselytizing that you're missing every point.

We are done for sure, enjoy the rest of your day.

@xj9 I really, really don't know where you got the security and SMS thing from. My complaint is that Apple took over where my messages were sent on their backend, routing them to the wrong location without notifying me of that change. I said I already use Signal.

@xj9 there was no switch. It was enabled automatically when I activated Apple pay.

Abyway thanks for the tip, let me go explain to my mom why she needs to leave the apple ecosystem and get an android phone then get matrix messaging set up so she can safely contact me to ask me if I am free to come visit for dinner this weekend.

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