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Came home early to work from home because of a threat of awful snow/ice mix. Got a fire roaring in the fireplace. Things could be worse.

My brother did a talk on ethics in software development and its really, really good

(somehow this talk also heavily includes The Dark Tower spoilers)

Anyway given that I have a new digital home, probably time to also do another post

I'm a DC area game and web developer who also has a passion for woodworking, mindfulness, tabletop RPGs and storytelling.

Outside of my full time job, I am working on a game called Evenfall Arcane ( as well as a few other, much smaller game projects.

I'm terrible at art but I try anyway.

My dog Flynn is a goof and my partner works for a brewery which rules.

Oh dang y'all I can make custom emojis now too

This is going to get wiiiiiild

Well this is gonna be my federated home for the foreseeable future.

Guess I should look into some CSS manipulation or something to make myself uniiiiiiiiquueeeee

Apparently, Canada is presently colder than Mars.


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