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Spare a thought for the humble box fan

High output, low operating nose, lightweight, easy setup and usually less than $20 for years of loyal service

I salute you, box fans

I'm going to make a masto instance that only can be used by dogs walking on keyboards

I love me some free speech, it let's me say shit like "fuck the president and all his bullshit" without being thrown in prison. And I accept that the reciprocal of that is someone can be out there saying "but her emails"

But that doesn't apply here, especially in the fediverse, whose whole point is to allow people to tailor experiences while optionally reaching out.

Also reminder that freedom of speech is:

* not the same as the right to be heard
* not a requirement for any website to enforce, regardless of country of origin
* a right that only applies to public interactions and even then still has actual limitations


Applications are written by people

People can and do have opinions and views

Those people can and usually do imbue those opinions and views into their work

They don't owe you shit

If a client blocks a domain that's on the developer to decide if it's worth losing those who would care versus upholding their morals

This kind of logic works on big companies that need hella users, not random open source fediverse apps

On this day, I finally figured out how to copy to system clipboard from a split window tmux pane

I've been doing this for years and just now forced myself to look that up. Up until now I've done every workaround in the books.

How do you do it?

You fucking press return while highlighting text. That's it. Return.

I spent years avoiding the keystroke: Return.

New GameDev Tools Bundle ‼️Save 50% 😱

✅ PixaTool
✅ JuiceFX
✅ PixelFX Designer
✅ Pix2iso

By CodeManuPro and Me!!

#gamedev #indiedev #gamedevelopment #pixatool

Got the first batch of voice lines in from the VO artist I've brought on for

Its real wild to listen to someone performing a character you've created

How to pay for my music in a way that lets me actually download files?

Feels like options are thinning every month

I want to pay the artists

I want to take a stab at writing fiction but all of the writing I've done in any kind of seriousness has been for tabletop campaigns so it's all setting and open ended. I'm gonna have to write like, character arcs and resolutions? What?

I'm a real tech boy and I do the technology like real real good

OHHH its because I have the F keys showing on my touchbar. When I hold down the `fn` button during the setup flow, it shows what its _supposed_ to show, which has an arrow pointing at the sensor.

So about this touchbar

Can I throw it out a window now

Went to set up fingerprint auth on my work laptop for testing apple pay flows. Searched "fingerprint" in settings and nothing came up, then remembered its called "Touch ID" so I went to that

During setup, it said "put your finger on Touch ID" which is like, weirdly worded, and nowhere did it tell me where that is. Turns out its the power button? Which is also not labeled as a power button, either. Its just a black, labelless button.

How do people use technology in 2019 someone pls explain

Opened federated timeline, first thing I see is a tornado warning for like one county over from me


Yo wtf

> According to Gerald, Stoop Kid was abandoned on his stoop shortly after birth. He has thus lived his entire life on the stoop and is afraid to leave it. His few possessions include the book The Little Engine that Could and an old lawn chair. Stoop Kid taught himself how to read using his book.

So Gab has decided that their own code that they spent $5M of investor money developing is so unsalvageably bad that they're going to use Mastodon's code instead, with the added bonus of leeching off of our apps (with Gab apps being banned from app stores)

This is an early warning to fellow admins to be vigilant and domain-block them on sight, when/if they appear (unconfirmed whether they intend to federate), and to app devs to consider if blocking Gab's domains from their app is necessary.

Unemployed since 8 March, need groceries. Free USA shipping on these #maille #Pride moebius bracelets. I have two 6 inch #rainbow swirly, one 6 inch solid rainbow, one 6.5 inch solid rainbow, and two 6.5 inch bi pride. Sorry, I can't lengthen them or change the clasp, my rings and findings are in storage. They're $20 each to or$tarlimanjoppos #lgbtqa #Chainmail #chainmaille #jewelry #art #mastoart Please Boost

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