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Alright nintendo, fuck me up with this pokemon direct

The title/alt text being particularly great:

"I can't remember where I heard this, but someone once said that defending a position by citing free speech is sort of the ultimate concession; you're saying that the most compelling thing you can say for your position is that it's not literally illegal to express."

also their automated phone service made me type my password in on my phones keypad as numbers which was bizarre and obnoxious because all my financial passwords are at least 50 characters

Something something dark patterns

Trying to move a bank account. Big ol' banner to click on to move it within their bank. Tiny little text to move it elsewhere. Clicked that. Next screen had my "options" which were another big ol' "move it within this bank" and _another_ tiny piece of text saying "call us to move it elsewhere"

I get it, but like dag, yo


Snippet: Researches mining posts on the "fediverse" have discovered a significant number of users regularly discuss the merits of floss

I had to give Apple my phone number on my work laptop (MacBook) so I could enable a system for testing at work.

For some reason, they then silently set up iMessage on that machine. I have no other Apple products. My parents do.

When I opened my work laptop yesterday morning, I had unread messages from my dad, because his iPhones messaging app defaulted to iMessage when it saw I had an account with my phone number. I had no idea they were there.

That is so fucking disgusting and scary.

Apple keynotes play like a caricature of apple keynotes

This thread is asymptotically approaching a state where people are just outing themselves as nazis and sympathizers

@Tusky maybe the thread should be locked or something, cuz its just people bickering at this point. Seems like its almost ready for merge anyway based on the reviewers checking off.

Hatchi matchi there are some bad-faith arguments being made in the tusky PR for preventing gab users from using it.

Also seems as though the TERFs have arrived. Or, at least, were invoked and defended, being called "feminists" rather than TERFs.

Just merge it already and publish usage stats to prove wrong the people who are like "if u merg this ppl are gonna stop usin it!!! OMG FOSS"

Watching some of the early Pokémon episodes. This writing is amazing.

*Misty fighting team rocket, summons goldeen*

*Goldeen flops around*

*Misty recalls goldeen immediately*

Misty: ha! Everyone knows water Pokémon can't fight on land! I'm just getting started!

Boy howdy all these nazis and nazi sympathizers sure throw a tantrum when you make it slightly harder for them to be nazis and sympathize with nazis.

And boy howdy is "this is FOSS so you can't stop people from using it" not the right argument.

Spare a thought for the humble box fan

High output, low operating nose, lightweight, easy setup and usually less than $20 for years of loyal service

I salute you, box fans

I'm going to make a masto instance that only can be used by dogs walking on keyboards

I love me some free speech, it let's me say shit like "fuck the president and all his bullshit" without being thrown in prison. And I accept that the reciprocal of that is someone can be out there saying "but her emails"

But that doesn't apply here, especially in the fediverse, whose whole point is to allow people to tailor experiences while optionally reaching out.

Also reminder that freedom of speech is:

* not the same as the right to be heard
* not a requirement for any website to enforce, regardless of country of origin
* a right that only applies to public interactions and even then still has actual limitations


Applications are written by people

People can and do have opinions and views

Those people can and usually do imbue those opinions and views into their work

They don't owe you shit

If a client blocks a domain that's on the developer to decide if it's worth losing those who would care versus upholding their morals

This kind of logic works on big companies that need hella users, not random open source fediverse apps

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