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some of the nytimes crossword answers can actually just fuck right off

I think it’s unrealistic to expect many folks to totally get off of all Google products. I don’t think that’s necessary, either.

But as a technically capable person, I’m doing what I can to find reasonable alternatives and reduce my own Google footprint, so that maybe I can help a few others step away from one or two Google services they think are irreplaceable. (2/2)

Some context on my recent de-googling posts:

I used to be a huge Google fanboy. I interned at Google HQ for two summers during college. I still have several friends who work at Google. I think some of the services they provide are incredibly useful and valuable.

I don’t think the average Google employee is malicious. I do think the business has grown unchecked and too large, and is now a self-feeding machine. I do not agree with recent direction. (1/2)

Goodbye Chromecast, hello Roku

Besides just getting off of more Google platforms, my experience recently with Chromecast stuff has been horrible. Slow, flaky, sometimes just straight broken.

My phone enables "gaming mode" when I open the NY Times crossword

Rise up

Doing sexy adult things like reviewing my contacts list for duplicates and merging / updating info

aw yeah

Quick rundown of some replacements for google products I've done:

* Chrome -> Firefox
* Google -> DuckDuckGo
* Gmail -> ProtonMail
* Google Music -> Plex + Tidal
* Google Drive ->
* Google Docs -> LibreOffice (with Sync for sync)
* Google Keep -> Standard Notes
* Google Photos -> Plex

I've tried SyncThing in place of and might lean in on that for the better platform support, but largely has been excellent

My remaining google reliances:

- Maps: OSM is good but not perfect and doesn't integrate with my car nav :/
- Fi: I tried switching to Ting but the service was horrible, switched back
- Calendar: As posted before, hoping ProtonCalendar comes soon since I already use ProtonMail. Looking into eteSync otherwise
- Android: I'm technically on Oxygen but still reliant on Google Play Services

Overall I've trimmed down so much. Used to be an all-in Google fanboy. Getting to brass tacks now.

Aaaand done. Google Photos cleared out. Thanks for coming to my - extremely personally interested - ted talk

Google Photos has no mass delete option like other services do, so you have to manually select chunks of photos and delete them

Can't just select all cuz the UI dies. Gotta figure out what amount (seemingly 500is) will select without breaking

cool and good

Planning to switch off Google Calendar once Proton Calendar is a thing, but if anyone has recs I'm open to other options

I tried fruux but it was messier than I had hoped

Done importing all my stuff from google photos to plex. Deleted all the dupes and archived old receipt pics and whatnot. Put together a few albums. Seems capable albeit clunky, but in reality, I don't tend to look back too far in photo timelines or w/e and just want a place to back them up in case I need them for when I write my super successful memoir or whatever

still on android but telling myself its okay cuz its oxygen and not direct android

except that I'm also on fi whoooops

Further degoogling by making an honest attempt to get out of Google Photos. Plex seems to have capable photo management.

Really only need album management and photo sync, both of which are checked by Plex so I can make further use of my media server

lol quickly reminded why linux distros are a non-answer for most folks

wifi + suspend issues, sometimes my desktop environment just doesnt launch, driver and dependency hell that requires term knowledge

I've gone though this all before so I can vaguely navigate but like damn this is still not okay for like 99% of people

and elementary markets itself as a windows/macos _replacement_. That has onboarding/compatibility implications

Decided to throw Elementary on my laptop. It'd been a really smooth process so far, albeit still a few bumps in the road. V nice, tho

We're all just bouncing around in this great React Context we call "Life"

A bot that you can deploy for yourself that just automatically issues takedown requests for everything you post online so you don’t have to manually go back and feel like you shouldn’t have done that

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